NERC Compliance Solutions Overview

iComply is a feature rich NERC Compliance Software Solution which can be configured to suit any sized utility with NERC 693 or CIP responsibilities.


iComply: Compliance Management

Designed to ensure you stay in compliance. From handling evidence, performing an Automatic Gap Analysis, RSAW preparation, to Audit Preparation and submittal generation; iComply is the most powerful and intuitive NERC Compliance software solution on the market.

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Asset Management

More than just a compliance tool, our Asset Manager enables utilities to attain total control over equipment inventory, location and maintenance and testing schedules. While NERC requires proof that testing occurred, sound utility management requires complete equipment management, maintenance and testing to ensure system reliability. Asset Management now includes BES Assets – PSPs, ESPs, BES Cyber Systems, and more!

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Document Management

Organize, prepare, discuss, approve and publish official documents.  

The Document Management engine powering iComply consists of our iDOCS and Library components. Included in Basic and Premium Packages.

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Communications Management

Organize Email conversations and automatically link to NERC Requirements. 
ComDOCS Communication Manager: track, save, and associate emails and messages to Standards as evidence. Included in Premium Package only


iAudit is a specially designed software package that picks up where iComply leaves off, and helps a utility prepare their Audit RSAW’s and finalizes their formal submission package. iAudit is an easy and intuitive add-on module to iComply that guides you through the entire audit process (693 & CIP) including Mitigation.

CIP Workbook

Automatically populate the NERC CIP Workbook from within Asset Management, or sources outside of iComply’s Asset Management Module with the additional iBridge.


Internal Controls

Internal Controls will allow users to create, test, track, and schedule their own Controls to ensure their organization’s objectives are being met in an efficient and effective manner. Internal Controls are being weighed heavily in certain regions and are a vital part in a utilities compliance program. iComply allows you to easily build your Internal Controls workflows.

Directives & Fulfillment’s Framework

Towerline’s Directives & Fulfillment’s truly guides your compliance process. This unique framework was developed by NERC Compliance experts and former regional auditor’s.

The Directives and Fulfillment’s framework breaks down each and every NERC Requirement into what NERC requires of you (the Directive) and what is acceptable evidence to comply with the Directive (the Fulfillment.) The Fulfillment serves as a unique data element that can be easily tracked, reported on, and manipulated throughout our entire system. 


Living RSAW

The Living RSAW keeps your RSAW’s current and up-to-date at all times. As evidence is brought into the system and categorized at the fulfillment level by checking the RSAW box, it immediately starts building the Living RSAW. The narrative section of the Living RSAW allows your SME’s to input and keep current all of the compliance narratives necessary, tracking all
changes throughout the process. There is a built in review and approval process to not only ensure completeness, but report on status. With the Living RSAW, you can rest assured your RSAWS are Audit Ready at all times.



iBridge automatically imports CIP 5, 7, and 10 data to be used in iComply’s Asset Management tool and reporting functions.

These are but a sampling of the features and functionality within iComply. To see how iComply can simplify and automate your NERC Compliance Efforts please contact us to schedule a demonstration