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All things related to power! Specializing in NERC and OET65 compliance!

Epoch Technical Solutions is proud to offer new low cost CIP Low Impact consulting packages. If you have Low Impact assets and find yourself in need of help,  you have come to the right place! Our NERC CIP Analysts are ready to help you meet your compliance goals.

CO-OPs Wind Power Producers
IOU'S Renewable Energy Suppliers
Municipals Telecommunications
Turn-Key Services
We provide services for PRC-005 and Compliance Management that includes data population, review, and software management. We provide access to the necessary software without requiring purchase. These services are available on as little as a three month basis.
NERC Compliance
  • Software Management Services
  • Compliance Program Preparations
  • Compliance Facilitation Services
  • Specialized WIND Energy Program
Towerline Software, NERC Compliance