Software Services

Towerline offers a variety of software services to assist in the implementation of your new compliance system. The following information provides an overview of the specialized services we offer.

All services are performed by Epoch Technical Solutions. A summary list of compliance services can be found at the bottom of this page.


Towerline focuses on a core set of training programs to enable your Utility to become fully acclimated to our Software Solution; iComply. Not only will your Compliance Department garner a solid understanding and use of our Solution – to maximize its full power; other Programs are offered to assist you in getting your Compliance Program up-to-speed within iComply.

Group Training:

Training can be conducted for small groups of core Users in a delivery method as stated above. This is an attractive program for Utilities that will have a smaller amount of Users accessing the software. The approach is the same with the focus being as intensive. The timeline for this method of training can vary depending on the size of the groups, and total number of Users to be trained.

Train the Trainer:

Over the course of several days, our team, will educate your group in a thorough exploration of iComply in order for you to gain an in-depth knowledge of the features and functionality that comprise our solution. At the end of this program the Super users in your Organization will be well versed and prepared to conduct the training of your Compliance team. 

This training method can be delivered on-site, at your location, at the Towerline Offices in DeWItt, Mi., or via the web. We suggest, to maximize the training experience, while keep free from distraction, that training be held on-site, at either location.

Data Population:

iComply offers numerous methods of bringing in past historical data, evidence, files, etc. into our solution with ease. The upfront training you receive will inform you on how to efficiently utilize these methods. We don’t stop there…. If you would prefer to have our solution experts assist you with the population of the software we are more than happy to help. Our professionals know our products inside and out and can significantly shorten the amount of time required to fully populate iComply. 

This is especially helpful to Utilities with smaller compliance teams. To find out how to simplify your Data Population, please give us a call.

Software Implementation:

At this stage you now have to assign test schedules, build your Internal Controls, Events, possibly pull data from other third party sources…. Perhaps you would like to develop custom ad-hoc reports, implement your Policies and Procedures. Any package requires upfront work to build out the entire system. 

Depending on staffing or time constraints this can be a daunting task- it doesn’t have to be that way. Towerline offers a Software Implementation Service that with work you in implementing your system, or we can take it a step further and do the work for you! This enables you to focus on your day to day tasks while our professionals build out the entire system. We start with a discovery meeting to outline project goals and timelines and deliver a fully functional system as the end product. This offering addresses your critical needs or we can simply help along the way, or configure your whole system. The service, in any configuration, says you valuable time and resources. 

Give us a call to find out more: 517.669.8888.

 NERC 693 & CIP Compliance Services

We provide services to ensure your compliance program is both manageable and sustainable. We recommend an Internal Compliance Program review designed to uncover, at the organizational level, your existing culture of compliance. We provide a full range of service options for utilities requiring only minimal assistance to those in need of a complete managed solution. Software Management, Document Preparation, Evidence Management, Monitoring and Auditing Services, and our Report Management to maintain your industry knowledge and awareness combine to offer the industry’s most comprehensive NERC Compliance solution. Call us today to get started.

  • Epoch Technical Solutions is ready to assist
  • Policies and Procedures Reviews
  • Mock-Audit/ GAP Analysis
  • Audit Preparation
  • Tailored Low, Medium, and High Impact CIP Services
  • Complete Managed Services Program Offerings

Look no further. Epoch Technical Solutions, our sister Company, provides those services and more. Decades of Utility experience and consultative expertise are just a phone call away. Do no wait… – Put our expertise to work for you!

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