iComply Features and Details

Features & Details
Internal Procedures
  • Easily document your internal procedures
  • Assign compliance responsibility to specific users
  • Facilitate the compliance process
Associated Documentation
  • Organize proof of compliance
  • Easily attach or link supporting documentation and evidence to requirements and procedures
Reports and Self-Assessment
  • Generate compliance reports
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Utilize multiple filtering functions for reports
  • Demonstrate total compliance
  • Document your response to an event
Additional Features
  • Directives and Fulfillments Framework
  • Living RSAW
  • Automatic Gap Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Internal Controls
  • Communications tracking tool
  • Controllable access rights
  • Utilize keyword searches to quickly find items
  • Use the central repository for all documents pertaining to compliance
  • Offers personal and common working areas
  • Set up automatic e-mail notifications, reminders and alarms
iComply 4.6 Basics
  • Portal Page
  • Bookmarks
  • Notifications