Communication Manager

Communication Manager Software
Communication Management
ComDocs is THE communication management solution for NERC compliance. This one-of-a-kind product allows you to track messages, electronic conversations, emails, and filing submissions, by automatically logging all messages and linking them directly to the relevant Standard or Requirement. Never spend another day searching email folders for critical communications to provide to auditors.
Utility Benefits
Automate your conversations/communications and link them to Requirements
Create an easy-to-read audit trail of your compliance communication records
Compatible with Microsoft Outlook
Store and organize sent and received messages from sources both internal and external to your company
Critical Applications
Daily communications between operators, supervisors, engineers, and SME's
Distribution of required documents externally and/or internally
Emergency communications system; for example change in transmission or generation status, rating, or capabilities
Responding to a request from a Balancing Authority, Transmission Service Provider, RRO, or any other registered function entity
Coordination and planning of tests, outages, maintenance, or abnormal operations
  • Use with existing Compliance Solutions
  • Traceability
  • Best Practices
  • No More Lost Messages
  • Reduce Error
  • Ease of Use
What Compliance Managers are saying
"With DOCodile CM not only can we track our communications, it will associate them with the appropriate requirements. This system is intuitive and fast."
- Compliance Manager
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