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Compliance Management
iComply 4.6 provides the compliance framework that powers our iDocs engine in an intuitive and organized manner to maintain NERC Standards, Requirements, and Measures. Develop, assign, track, and escalate internal procedures as compliance tasks with ease. iComply 4.6 allows you to easily and consistently link supporting documentation to Standards and Requirements as associated evidence in continuous preparation for audit submissions. Our Living RSAW module is real-time compliance that keeps your RSAWs current and reduces valuable time and resources spent on audit preparation. With iComply 4.6 you can create your own custom Internal Controls to find, fix, and track issues and demonstrate your culture of compliance by implementing the industry's most intuitive, functional, and reliable NERC Compliance software solution. iComply features:
Utility Benefits
Directives & Fulfillments - Analyzing each Standard and Requirement provides the framework that guides your compliance efforts.
Automatic Gap Analysis - Simply put, the best way to stay in compliance. iComply will automatically find holes in your evidence and bring them to your immediate attention.
The Living RSAW - Real time compliance keeps RSAWS current and up to date.
Audit Preparation - Internal self-assessment and audit readiness tool reduces audit preparation time.
Standards and Requirements - A library of preloaded & maintained Standards, Requirements, and Measures for your specific NERC registration.
Features Premium Package Basic Package
Automated GAP Analysis X X
General Tab X X
Edit Files Tab X X
Internal RSAW Tab X X
Evidence Tab X X
Summary Tab X
Standards X X
Requirements X X
Measures X X
Reports X Basic Reports Only
Fulfillments X X
Towerline Fulfillments Add-on With Hosted
Internal Controls X X
Directives X X
Towerline Directives Add-on With Hosted
Document Management X iComply Room Only
Search X X
File Upload X X
ComDocs X
Portal Page X
Asset Management X
Events X
Ad-hoc Reporting X
Internal Controls X

Features & Details
  • Automatic Gap Analysis
  • Internal Controls Manager
  • Living RSAWS
  • Implementation Wizards
  • Memorized Searches
  • Prebuit Reports
  • Portal Page
  • Metadata Manager
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