Features of Document Manager - iDOCs

Document Management
Document Management
Features & Details
Document Management Module contains:
  • Flexible user interface & customizable portal page
  • Email alerts and notifications
  • Custom template creation
  • User definable forms
  • Data mining to forms from linked databases
  • Intuitive file organization
  • Keyword searches to quickly look up items
  • Programmable bins
With the Document Management Module, you can:
  • Create archival snapshots
  • Share a common database
  • Share common forms
  • Access privileges by users or groups
  • Create historic logs
  • Complete data, document and file storage
  • Link spreadsheets, documents, images, etc
  • Extend iDOCS with modular architecture
Document Management Basics
Operating and Creating Bins - Create bins to hold data. Give access to bins or just to folders within the bins. Link any document or drawing within the bin to any other document or drawing that can be accessed. This is a project-oriented system with typical bins that include Active, Design, Bid, As-Built, Construction, Mechanical and Electrical Work, and more. You can also archive your pre-revision documents into the "Archive Bin" for a permanent historical record.
Manage Documents - Easily manage documents such as files, spreadsheets, AutoCAD drawings, real estate records, vendor drawings, instruction manuals, organization standards and many other types of documents.