T-Roof Pro Features and Details

T-Roof Pro Special Features
With T-Roof Pro, you can:
  • Analyze along the length of a tower, from the ground to the tip, or along any custom length
  • Create three chart types, including the tower climber's diagram for convenient printing and posting as part of an RF safety program
  • Store towers as separate objects in the database with an additional form section to input the necessary data
  • Add or remove antennas from a tower with just a few clicks
  • Define antenna coordinates as an absolute XYZ position or relative to the tower's XYZ position
  • Define multiple towers and antennas at one location. Antennas may be on rooftops, towers, or on the ground
  • Use the tower diagram to see each tower's antenna layout in addition to the roof diagram to give a complete schematic of a site
  • Use a grayscale setting on all roof and tower analysis charts, which is especially useful for black and white printing
  • Utilize both detailed tower and roof analyses to create a complete picture of the RF levels at a site
  • Store and analyze multiple roofs and towers
  • Create custom analysis boundaries
  • Create multiple building and structure models
  • Manage antennas with T-Roof Pro's convenient antenna control panel
T-Roof Pro:
  • Is capabale of 360 degree RPE modeling
  • Directly link to data in pre-existing databases
  • Link to AutoCAD files, spreadsheets and documents on networks or local computers
  • Create linkable areas on images
  • Easily attach or link supporting documentation and evidence to requirements and procedures
T-Roof Pro Basics
Comply with FCC Limits - T-Roof Pro is an engineering tool designed to help corporations meet OET Bulletin No. 65, Edition 97-01 requirements when dealing with rooftop scenarios and antenna farms. The FCC has implemented specific limits for radiation at different frequencies and must be applied to areas both accessible to employees of the responsible organization and to areas accessible to the general public.
Analyze Towers, Rooftops and Multiple Antennas - T-Roof Pro is designed to easily handle multiple antennas of various types, frequencies, sizes, and uses. T-Roof Pro can handle antennas mounted on towers, on the ground, on rooftops, or in any combination. T-Roof Pro analyzes an array of points over a 3D area at any specified elevation. The results can be displayed in a variety of color-coded formats, or exported as raw data for other engineering purposes.
Adjust the Level of Precision - T-Roof Pro allows for adjustments to the level of precision that can be used to perform the analysis. For example, T-Roof Pro takes into account the gain, diameter, length, height, polarization, tilt, azimuth, frequency, and beamwidth for each antenna used in the analysis. Regional loss ratios (such as the front-to-back ratio) are also used relative to the antenna's mounting arrangement. Power levels can either be entered directly or calculated from transmitter power and line loss values.