T-Site Manager Features

T-Site Special Features
With T-Site Manager, you can:
  • Track a wide variety of site specific information including locations, cathodic protection, roads, buildings, utilities, markets, EAS, etc
  • Easily locate and track contract and license information
  • Attach graphics, pictures of signs and reports
  • Model your site as detailed as you like
  • Add loads and connect to each supply for capacity analysis and keep track of available capacities on all sites
  • Use station logs to help eliminate the need for keeping station books
  • Store all of your analytical data used for RF safety analysis
T-Site Manager:
  • Allows you to complete antenna system tracking of transmitters, waveguides, locations, and UHF, VHF, etc
  • Uses a convenient, common database for storing 360 degree antenna patterns that can be utilized by T-Site Manager and T-Roof Pro
  • Seamlessly integrates with T-Roof Pro
T-Site Manager Basics
Store All Your Records in One Spot - T-Site Manager consists of several categories that arrange information needed to maintain a typical communications database in intuitive easy-to-access locations. In addition to storing and maintaining data, including site information, licenses, analytical needs, tenant information, contract information, OET65 compliance, and training; our software solution offers various analysis features to truly help manage your site.
Radiation Pattern Data - Each antenna in every site has a link to radiation pattern data, which enables the user to view the current antenna model and the radiation pattern associated with the model. Import a new set of data either from the database or from our website.
Towers - The towers tab records the tower information for a particular site. In addition to storing parameters such as the FCC tower number, beacon levels and light controller, it also stores the location information of the tower.
Tracking of Site Specific Information - Site information for every antenna site contains information about the site, building and site utilities. Other site information includes cathodic protection, locations, approvals, roads, buildings, utilities, markets, and EAS.
Modeling of Your Site - "Modeling" gives detailed information about the positioning of antennas, towers and rooftops on each site. The Plan and Profile views of the site are graphically displayed in the "Site Image" sub-tab.