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iComply 4.6

Better software for better compliance!

Our newest release of iComply introduces the CIP Spreadsheet, iBridge, CIP functionality to our Asset Management Module, enhanced Ad-Hoc Reporting, and much more. To take a deeper look at the power of iComply Schedule your demo today!

Modular Options (NERC 693 & CIP): iComply can be configured in a manner which best suits the needs of any Utiliy our modular Framework allows Utilities to build a 693 Module (including CIP-002-5.1a and CIP-003-6), or a CIP only Module on iComply's Basic Framework. Need more? Configure iComply as a complete NERC 693/CIP Premium Compliance System.

iBridge: iBridge automatically imports CIP 5, 7, and 10 data to be used in iComply's Asset Management tool and reporting functions.

CIP Spreadsheet: Automatically populate the NERC CIP Spreadsheet from within Asset Management, or sources outside of iComply's Asset Management Module with the addittional iBridge.

Asset Management: Asset Management now includes BES Assets - PSPs, ESPs, BES Cyber Systems, and more!

Enhanced Security Additional Security Features separate 693 and CIP within iComply and the Asset Management Module.


Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and wish you all a prosperous, and healthy 2019!


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Are you using Spreadsheets to track your Assets? We have a better idea:

Towerline Software's Asset Management Module is now being offered as a SaaS Solution!

Affordable monthly access
Automated Implementation
Secure hosting environment
No software to purchase
No equipment to buy
No strain on IT Department
Associate evidence to a piece of equipment or an assembly

Schedule, track, and manage NERC PRC-005, FAC, and PER Standards with one easy and affordable service

Why Towerline Software?
Dedicated NERC Compliance Software
Gap Analysis and RSAW Generation
Compliance Management
Scaleable and Sustainable Software Solution
PRC-005, FAC, PER Asset Management
Ad-Hoc Reporting
Internal Controls
Real-time NERC analysis
Outstanding Customer Support
Decades of Electric Utility Experience
Evidence Association
Document Management
Rapid ROI
Third party verification