CIP Module

Introducing our CIP Trifecta package!

  • Integrated and ever monitoring Internal Control Module
  • Automated hands free CIP Module
  • Hassle free and automated Audit Preparation Module
  • Absolutely simplifies the entire CIP process.
  • Increases accuracy and readiness.
  • Makes your life a lot easier.

CIP TRIFECTA Module #1 – Engage                              Internal Control Module

Reshaping the industry with our Internal Control Module!
Connects your corporate goals to your CIP compliance goals. 
Conveniently organizes the processes that ensure compliance.

  • Preventative controls
  • Detective controls
  • Corrective controls

Automatically launches on schedule and checks for gaps.
Incorporates the “self monitoring” culture in your organization.
Promotes BES awareness on a corporate level.
Build your own custom workflows.
Link controls to a CIP requirement.
Schedule your controls.
Monitor compliance to your controls.
Build mitigation plans.
Participate in our exclusive “Developing Professional Internal Controls” programs.
PLUS – We have so many new features underway we truly are reshaping the industry.


CIP TRIFECTA Module #2 – Document                          Automated CIP Module

Leading the industry with our incredible CIP module!
Saves months of work preparing for a CIP audit.
Automates everything from Asset to audit package.

  • Asset Data Retrieval
  • Automatic Data Storage
  • Policy and Document Storage
  • Gap Analysis Alarm
  • Automatic System Status Reports
  • Living RSAW
  • CIP Workbook previewer

It’s about as hands-free as you can get.
Toss those spreadsheets.
Efficiently organize your data.
Eliminate gaps in records.
Increase accuracy of data.
Easily review the “always populated” NERC CIP Workbook.
Greatly reduce your CIP recordkeeping efforts.
Always know your CIP readiness.
Drastically reduce audit preparation time.
Works with other software packages.
Hard to believe, but we have more features coming in the near future.

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CIP TRIFECTA Module #3 – Submit                                Auditing Module

We should have named this module “Audit Prep Made Easy”!
Saves months of work preparing the CIP audit.
Audit package preparation – Bundles everything per NERC formatting requirements

  • RSAW creation – Linked index with all files
  • CIP Workbook assembly – Click and go
  • L1 submission packaging – Bundles files and data
  • L2+ submission – Easy retrieval and packaging of requested data     

Access your data in seconds.
Save time, money and heartache by doing months and months of CIP audit preparation in just days.
Experience the WOW factor.

The software follows typical audit preparations.
Keep tabs of all communications.
Auto-magically populate & link your RSAWS by requirement.
Auto-magically retrieve your data prepare your L1 & L2+ submission packages.
Track the audit process from start to finish.
Document the auditor’s comments and feedback.
Automatically create and link your historical audit records.
Works with other software packages.
Save yourself countless hours of audit prep time.
Integrates with other Software packages.
Truly an outstanding audit prep tool.

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