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NERC Compliance Solutions

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iComply is a feature rich NERC Compliance Software Solution which can be configured to suit any sized utility with NERC 693 or CIP responsibilities.These are but a sampling of the features and functionality within iComply. To see how iComply can simplify and automate your NERC Compliance Efforts please contact us to schedule a demonstration.

iComply is a feature rich NERC Compliance Software Solution which can be configured to suit any sized utility with NERC 693 or CIP responsibilities. 

This powerful module is included in the full-version of our new iComply 5.0 NERC Compliance Software, and is essential to your NERC compliance program.

A professional approach for developing your internal controls program.

One of our latest additions is an internal Ticket management system with a focus on CIP-10.  Associate a change with a ticket and a specific asset for easy retrieval and management of all relevant evidence.

Asset Management simplifies the process of scheduling, tracking, and managing PRC-005, FAC-003, CIP, and other NERC Standards.

iAudit, in conjunction with iComply, is a total audit preparation module that prepares and finalizes your official audit submission package with a few simple steps. 

Organize Email Conversations And Automatically Link To NERC Requirements. ComDOCS is THE communication management solution for NERC compliance.

ControlShop is a professional approach to Internal Controls for Businesses. ControlShop assists you in developing your Internal Controls to ensure compliance.


Managed Services that can compliment all software solutions or can be an independent solution.  Compliance programs, Internal Control programs, Mock audits, and Audit preparation are a sample of services available.

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At Towerline Software we embrace our leadership position as NERC Compliance resource experts by maintaining a singular focus on our mission-critical platform and services for sustainable compliance. We provide comprehensive knowledge and solutions to NERC registered entities through optimization of our compliance software and expert execution of our managed services solutions.

We believe the combination of our extensive utility expertise and software development experience has enabled Towerline Software to develop the world class NERC Compliance solution utilities seek. Contact us today to begin assessing your current State of NERC Compliance.

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To arrange a demonstration of our Products or to learn more about why your organization should choose Towerline, please connect with us!

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