iAudit, in conjunction with iComply, is a total audit preparation module that prepares and finalizes your official audit submission package with a few simple steps. Gone are the days of countless man hours and expense preparing for a NERC audit. iAudit is easy to use, creating every Audited Standard’s RSAW and submission packet within minutes, saving utilities time and money. iAudit is an easy and intuitive add-on module to iComply that guides you through the entire audit process, including Mitigation.

Utility Benefits

Simplified process-driven audit preparation. 
One click submission package
Easily recall past audit results for future planning.
Reduce Audit prep time by up to 85%
All aspects of regional audit process tracked and maintained in one place, including mitigation efforts for historical purposes.


Why spend countless hours and dollars preparing for your audit?iAudit produces a formal audit submission package in just minutes.

A Utility must be a current or future customer utilizing iComply with Towerline’s Directives & Fulfillment’s framework (or their own) in place to purchase iAudit as an add-on module.

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